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Game-Based Learning works in ANY industry, and can include content on ANY subject.

Games2train's customers are innovative and forward-thinking organizations such as American Express, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Estee Lauder, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Nokia, Pfizer, the US Department of Defense, and the Florida and Los Angeles Virtual Schools.

As shown in the case studies below, we have worked in a wide variety of industries including:


Software Company
Think3, a company launching a new generation of mechanical design (CAD-CAM) software, needed a more exciting way to encourage its new users -- mostly young engineers -- to learn its software. They wanted to differentiate their own training from those didactic tutorials usually provided with most of their rivals' products. Their strategy was to turn their training into a game that would attract and retain new users. After interviewing a number of training firms ("They offered little more than to put our tutorial on-line," says the Chairman), Think3 turned to games2train.com. In a span of only a few months, games2train.com created a full-scale videogame-based learning product that integrates all the training material they need into a first-person 3D game in the style of the most popular commercial games. The Think3 training product, entitled The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy puts the learner in the role of an intergalactic space agent who is beamed to a secret space station on a mission to save the station and the universe. To do so he must learn to use the client's software tools -- FAST! In his way are monsters, space walks, puzzles, traps, etc. In contrast to most tutorials, the whole thing moves at the twitch speed that the Nintendo generation is used to.

Investment Bank
Bankers Trust Company needed a way to engage its bright, young employees of the "Nintendo Generation" who were being turned off by traditional training programs. "Straight Shooter!," sponsored by BT's human resources and technology departments, completely changed the way the firm does its policy compliance training by allowing employees to certify their knowledge while playing a client-focused, challenging videogame. To succeed in the game employees must become experts in the policies. Records of their success are kept on a central server for compliance purposes. This game is currently in use in over 20 countries around the world. "Learning Solitaire, " a web-based, game template, is used to help BT's employees become fully aware and up-to-speed on the details and complexities of their responsibilities regarding the elimination of Sexual Harassment in the workplace. BT uses games2train.com for orientation, product training, diversity training, support staff training, systems training, help desk training, leadership training, and other applications. The firm's HR department distributes the training templates free to the firm's 50 business units around the world, which use them to create department-specific training.

Computer Giant
The training staff at one of the world's largest hardware and software companies realized that the methods currently being used for their internal training, still principally classroom-based, were out of synch with their younger generation of employees. They tested games2train.com in a kiosk-based environment at internal off-sites. Based on users' positive reactions they licensed eight games2train.com products for firm-wide internal use.

Large Commercial Bank
One of the world's largest banks licensed several games2train.com products to have a consistent and engaging way to communicate information and training to their worldwide employees. Beginning with highly successful branch employee training, the use of games2train.com has spread internally throughout the bank. Because games2train.com's templates are reusable, the bank's one-time license fee is amortized over many training projects.

Information Services Provider
The sales force of a world-famous news gathering and dissemination company requires frequent retraining and updating. To keep these fast-moving employees highly interested and motivated, the firm prefers to do the retraining in as exciting a way as possible. Turning to games2train.com because it was "way cool," the firm regularly employs the products it licensed with new, updated content. The products help them find out what their people do and don't know, and keep the employees awake and interested in the process.

Securities Firm
An international securities firm's training department was tasked with creating 20 Financial courses in only a few weeks for a New Associate Orientation program. games2train.com's templates were customized with bank specific content extremely rapidly by the firm's internal training staff, without their having to learn authoring software, and without involving the firm's or outside programmers.

Insurance Company
A large insurance company needed to create fun, interactive training programs for sales representatives working primarily from their home offices. games2train.com's products allow at-home employees to have access to easily updatable information on company products, pricing and policy in a fun, enjoyable context.

Mutual Fund Company
A large investment management and mutual fund house wanted to train its telemarketing sales representatives in a call center environment at their desktops during their "down time". Between phone calls, sales representatives can use games2train.com's products to learn strategies and techniques to improve conversations (including dealing with difficult customers), hard hitting questions regarding financial products, and compliance-related ways of answering customer questions about financial products. They can also play a Scenarios game that allows them to practice making decisions tied to performance skills.

Financial Services Company
A worldwide travel and financial services company wanted to train clerical employees on the intricacies of a new worldwide computer system which was being introduced, keeping them engaged and interested in the process. games2train.com's products make the learning fun and engaging for their users, while allowing their trainers to easily customize the process to their system.

Health Care Company
A major HMO had problems getting employees to pay attention in class. It now uses games2train.com's Enhanced Classroom Learning products to liven up its training courses and make them fun and challenging.

Hospitality Company
A major hospitality company needed help in getting employees to use its new computer systems. games2train.com's templates were easily customized with their own content to make a fun, learning experience for all the employees.

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