1. Financial Literacy Game: MoneyU

A new, game-based approach approach to teaching high school seniors and college freshmen the important facts and behaviors in managing money and credit cards. Impressive results! Learn More and try a demo.

2. Middle School Science Games: MeCHeM, Waste of Space, Slinky Bomb

Winners of the Liemandt Foundation "Hidden Agenda" contests, MeCHeM, Waste of Space (Playable)and Slinky Bomb (still in development) are games where middle school students can enjoy learning "stealthily" about serious scientific concepts. Try them.

3. DARPA-Sponsored Military Game: Stability Operations: Winning the Peace

"Stability Operations - Winning the Peace" puts the player in the role of a local military commander of a stability operation. The game introduces the player to the PMESII (i.e. Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure and Intelligence) levers he or she can apply to try to stabilize and improve the situation, and illustrates in real time the first, second and higher-order effects of applying the various levers singly and in combination. The game helps the player understand the many tradeoffs required in contemporary stability operations. To see the prototype and trailer, contact marc@games2train.com

4. Algebra 1 Curricular Game: The Algebots: Beat the Game, Pass the Course

By finding Algebots in everyday life and learning to decode, diffuse, and converse with them, the player moves, without realizing it, through the entire Algebra 1 curriculum. Upon completing the game he or she is prepared to pass any standardized Algebra 1 test. View Trailer

5. Cell Phone Game - Corporate: Business Suit Harry Meets Sally - Help Them Get Paid!

Business Suit Harry Meets Sally players must deal with an endless series of quick, fun and engaging business challenges, which move them, through interaction and modeling, to higher levels in many areas of business competence, particularly communication and interpersonal relations. For more information about cell phone learning games, contact marc@games2train.com .


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