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  • Do you have material or subject matter that is dry and difficult to get people to pay attention to?
  • Do you have a population that is difficult to engage in training?
  • Do you have a range of trainees that require different learning approaches?
  • Do you need to speed up training and shorten training time?
  • Do you need content to be changed and updated frequently?
  • Do you want your trainees to have a fun, positive experience?
  • Do you have trouble getting people to come to classes or to complete standard "tell-test" training on the web?

games2train.com can help you with all of these!

Digital Game-Based Learning engages people in even the driest material.Our variety of game formats is designed to engage any population mix. Users choose their own game style. Content is never "told" to users (i.e. presented all at once) but is presented as needed, speeding up the learning process considerably, especially for trainees with some prior experience and knowledge of the subject. ANY subject matter or topic can be easily adapted to and input into our question, task, and problem-based learning templates. We always offer a non-game alternative. Browse through our products by left-clicking on the PRODUCT ARCADE in your menu to the left.

contact us: marc@games2train.com
400 Chambers St. PHD, New York, NY 10282 T:917.826.6965