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Why should people be tied to their desks for learning?

Handheld devices - both phones and PDAs - are ideal for many types of training. Your people can learn while playing on all those long boring flights!


Games2train can combine your content with engaging handheld game formats to solve your business learning problems in a welcome, 21st century way.


Games2Train Cell Phone Challenge. A fun question-based game template, usable over any cell phone

Idea Tycoon! - The Idea Market. A game in which players vie to share, collect and use the best and most valuable ideas from around the firm.

Harry and Sally Need To Get Paid! In this cell phone-based game, players must deal with an endless series of quick, fun and engaging business challenges, which move them, through interaction and modeling, to higher levels in many areas of business competence, particularly communication and interpersonal relations.


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