Knowledge Tournament (TM)


Games2train's Knowledge Tournament multi-player, multi-team game enables any number of teams (with 1-4 players), each located anywhere in the world, to compete against time for the highest score in any number of client-controlled Tournaments.




The fact that computer games are now becoming multi-player fits in well with many competitive and cooperative training needs.

Knowledge Tournament players can compete:
  • As individuals
  • As cooperative teams of 2-4 on the same computer.
  • As cooperative teams of 2-4 with each menber anywhere in the world.
  • In as many Tournaments as you set up.

Knowledge Tournament is totally flexible as to numbers of teams, individuals, questions, rounds, time parameters, question types etc. Multiple tournaments can be held simultaneously.

Each team or individual competes only at their preferred time. Only the 1-4 immediate team members need to be online simultaneously. A built-in bulletin board helps to set teams up. Real-time chat is an option for you to use or not.

Because the questions are custom-created by you for each tournament, Knowledge Tournament will challenge your most competitive employees. To encourage cooperation and cross-functional knowledge, you can create tournaments in which winning requires cooperative skill in forming teams with a diverse knowledge base to achieve the highest scores.

Each team or individual plays once, for a pre-set amount of time. Scores of all teams and individuals are posted. After each tournament ends, e-mails are automatically sent to all players with their ranking and questions they missed.

A full administrative package to set up tournaments and analyze players and questions is included.


contact: info@games2train.com