training games, sexual harassment prevention certification

The Sexual Harassment Prevention CertifierTM TRY IT!
is a web-based certification tool designed to train and certify ALL of an organization's employees and supervisors on sexual harassment law and company policy, and to provide a strong defense against liability.

The content, both facts and scenarios, is provided by the number one labor and employee benefits law firm in the country and is tailored to each company's specific policies.

The learning approach is games2train.com's own fun, game-based learning methodology. Users can learn and certify by playing one of 8 games (Solitaire, Arcade, Millionaire-like, Jeopardy-like, etc.), or no game at all.

The Certifier contains tracking and record keeping of each employee's progress and completion, as well as the ability for them to report incidents and ask questions.

So while Sexual Harassment is NOT a game, learning about it can be challenging and fun, and the company can be protected at the same time!


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