The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy "mod" puts you in the role of an intergalactic secret agent dispatched to deep space to rescue the Copernicus station from alien hijackers. It is a complete tutorial for a complex technical product, designed to teach industrial engineers how to use new 3-D design software.

games2train.com's "videogame tutorial" concept combines all the learning of a standard, dry tutorial with an exciting state-of-the-art videogame. The concept can be adapted and customized to any product and industry. OVER 1 MILLION COPIES DISTRIBUTED!!!

To succeed in the game, you must design everything you need for the job, starting with a simple trigger for your gun. Along the way there are spacewalks, bad guys and booby traps.

Videogame mods are a natural for engaging a younger, technology-oriented population. They employ a “Discovery Learning” approach that can include any combination of questions and performance tasks,with backup to reference manuals and videos as needed. They also include non-game alternatives to accommodate learners who do not like games or do not want to play at a particular time.

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